Hello everyone I have taken a Thinkpad recently and it has ubuntu on it when I was going through it there was multiple accounts and I deleted them and came to a single account during this process I am facing a crash on my lappy when ever I set it out for sometime without using it or letting myself some rest as I know Ubuntu is an open source and I don’t want to install other OS or Windows on it. Can I fix this error crash in ubuntu.

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    - Tips for staying productive?
    - Switch to Mint or another alternative.

    Sorry, no other advice.
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    @vintprox thanks man..As I am using windows on my other laptop and wanted to explore more of Ubuntu on this one can I upgrade or make the errors go.
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    @SwakshayT unfortunately, you did not provide error details. Do you expect it to fix itself now that it's done for?

    Did you try "Advanced Options" and command line interface? Refer to manual how to trigger it and then find what's peculiar in the logs.
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    You will never go wrong with kde plasma
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    You probably deleted the original account which had been the first one during installation. This one has special admin rights, sudo, all these things. I'm not even sure whether its user id, usually 1000, has a special meaning.

    Since you don't even know how to ask a question, such as including error details, you will be even less likely to apply any sort of troubleshooting correctly.

    Advice: reinstall Ubuntu from scratch and pay attention not to wipe you parallel Windows installation. Or even better, choose Mint instead of Ubuntu - it's the better Ubuntu.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh Thankyou will try it out
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    @Fast-Nop I didn’t delete the main account and will try to reinstall it from the scratch Thankyou for ur advice
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    @Fast-Nop uid 1000 is just the first uid usually given to an non system user.
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    The people above might come off as hostile, but it's really hard to imagine what you expect our thought process to be when asking about a crash without including at the very least a photo of the text that appears on the screen.
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