It's 3:30AM and I'm working.

If you work at night, no one can interrupt you.
If you sleep during the day, you can't attend any zoom meetings.

Also, at night you can work naked, and drink on the job without any judgement.

All problems solved.

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    This is the way

    I'd sleep till 5pm, game till 2 am and work till 8 am back in like march. It worked well for a few weeks.
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    ... unless your partner had thought of this before you so they're there to distract you now
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    I'm way more productive at night. Always have been. This is partly why I never trust these so called "experts" coming out with one size fits all health tips for staying alert and productive. They've almost always done more harm than good for me.
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    @AlmondSauce Yeah I really do think there's a lot of "it works for me, so it must work for everyone" advice.

    Things like specific diets, meditation, maintaining a regular sleeping pattern, no screen-time/caffeine before bed... I mean, sure give it a try if you have health, stress or sleeping issues!

    If I force myself to go to bed when my head is not "done" yet with the current bug or coding challenge I've latched on to, I will not be able to sleep.

    But if I'm bored or uninspired, I can drink 5 espressos and fall asleep under a blinking bright blue fluorescent tube.

    I've found that a short breathing session advocated by mindfulness gurus works for me to regain focus, but the meditation itself will not "help me let go".

    I also think a lot of that "living in the now" stuff can be dangerous: Humans have evolved to mull over the past and worry about the future for a reason.

    Distractions can be an important signals, obsessions might be reframed as passions.

    Meh, whatever works 🤷
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    I've been doing two 4 hour sleeps per 24 hours for about 4 months and it's super productive.

    I mean, my sanity is SLIPPING, but I'm getting a ton done.
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    @Stuxnet this the way
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    "The night time is the right time."
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