How the fuck does a company get away with making a junior doing the work as a senior. I need a raise and probably a beer

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    and junior has no confidence in his abilities and when the management wants him to do things he does it.
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    How the fuck does one find out if a junior can be a senior?
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    I was hired as a senior developer. They've since been referring to me as a junior. They're also all paid more than me. Many of them also write code that is absolute dogshit. But they've all got communism infecting their brains, which sort of explains the lot. It's a mental illness.

    I need a raise, a bottle of whiskey, and a new employer.
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    Elon says job title doesn’t mean anything for the company.

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    If there are no senior devs, you're the senior dev.
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    @Demolishun Thats easy.
    Just ave the manager or client make unreasonable demands.

    If the dev works more than 8h / day to try to meet those demands he/she is a junior.

    If they tell the manager/client to go fuck themselves they're somewhere in the middle.

    If they can adjust the client or managers expectations to something that is reasonable, or tell the to go fuck themselves in a polite way thry're senior.
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    @ItsNotMyFault I wasn't asking a question. I was explaining to OP why they are having him do senior work. To see if he can do it. If he complains about the opportunity and cannot do the work, then he isn't ready.
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    Was in a team where a senior and some QAs quit. In the end was just me with 6 months experience and another guy same amount of experience handling everything and our PM and PO expected us to deliver very effectively and somehow know exactly how things worked within the company for things just as endpoint authentication etc. Suffice to say, the company had a severe lack of documentation on these things and I had to ask senior engineers in other teams who'd been there for a long time and knew how it worked, but of course that takes their time so they take even longer go answer.... It's bs really, I used to intentionally laze about sometimes because they used to piss me off with their expectations
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