I haven't written a line of code in over a month ever since I stopped working due to health issues...

And I have no desire or ideas to create any new apps...

Sorta feels like I'm throwing away 20+ years of work/experience/passion.

Maybe I should just solve algo problems for fun?

Or should I finally try doing some (Java) open source...

Where to find projects?

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    Tell me again about the lines of coffee.
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    If your health is now cured then you can try writing code for $$$. The client will provide you with ideas 📈
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    Maybe do advent of code, the past years are also available
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    Maybe find some other hobby that helps nuking the stress.

    From my experience, the dumbest thing I did after having severe health issues was trying to _force_ myself to keep on working.

    The collateral damage was pretty heavy, hence my advice to just stop when it seems unbearable.

    Next time I won't trash the thought of flipping burgers or wiping arses at a senior residency :)
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    @kamen it transformed into code
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    @IntrusionCM @hinst well as far as I can tell I'm going to be retired in disability... Hopefully.

    Sort a chronic disease but now it's getting really bad... Had a surgery and need another.

    I'm basically playing video games and watching anime all day now and not sure if I'll ever be motivated again to code at all...
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    @donuts *hug* and that might not be the end of it.

    Maybe you come back to coding, small tasks.

    Maybe you come back to a counseling or guiding role (e.g. as a teacher / mentor).

    Maybe you don't do coding at all.

    You cannot loose experience. You might not be able to put in practice all of it - but you don't loose it.

    Sounds like a pep talk, but it's the rational truth.

    The big enemy in the room is wether the grieve of seemingly loose sth that dominated a large part of your life and your health issues takes its toll or wether you turn it around.

    Stop wasting time thinking about what you loose, find a hobby that's satisfying.
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