Until today, I had assumed deploying stuff to prod would NOT be one of my responsabilities in this company. Apparently that's not the case.

Had to deploy my code and pray it didn't break anything. Why is this a big deal at all?

Well you see, there is no repository. At all. No git, no svn, not even duplicate folders. No tests, no pipeline. Just a bunch of CPanels.

Had to manually copy files and folders from the development site to the production site and partially copy a database. "Just drag and drop" were the instructions I was given.

As if using CakePHP2, PHP5 and having to parse fucking Excel files wasn't bad enough, now I have to deal with one of the worst ways to deploy code.

Fuck it, I'm switching on the looking-for-job flag on linkedin.

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    Daily routine here, in a company pretending to be on top of tech 😶
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    Take a big dildo, sprinkle some cocaine on it and as lubricant use lidocaine.

    Praying won't help, but at least you can go down with some fun.
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    Make it better? Write scripts to help take human error out of the loop?

    I needed to remove human error for some data processing functions in a proprietary program. I wrote a python script that would control a program in a virtual machine. It would enter in filenames, make selections, and tell the program to export the data. Then it took all the data and combined it into a single xlsx file. It even did filtering on the data to remove outliers. This took all the human error out of the process and produced a file that just needed cosmetic changes for producing a report. The library I was using to produce the xlsx files didn't have the ability to do styling of the cells. Otherwise I would have removed that as well. It saved hours of clicking and making mistakes by the end user.
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    W O W

    Tempted to say just set up a git repo and tell the other devs you’ve set it up and they’re going to have to start using it because it’s irresponsible to have no source control.

    They can either get with onboard with it or sack you. It would be a mercy from that place.
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    @Demolishun I'm already overburdened with more projects than I can count on one hand and you want me to do unpaid overtime on top of that? Fuck no.
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