Whoever designed scoped storage on Android deserves to be congratulated, they managed to make it less usable than qubes os. I've had to rename a file to png and put it in dcim to be able to access it because for some reason download and documents folders need a special snowflake way to be accessed.
Also why the fuck does the dev need to declare the permission to access all files like a file explorer and I can't change it unless I get the app from github and recompile it?

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    So that users know not to install your app if they don't want to give all their files to you.
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    @electrineer yeah but imo not allowing the user, at least with dev mode on to bypass the restriction is quite a pita
    There's a radio selection no access - media only - manage all files, why can't it be accessible for all apps?

    If the problem is users granting too much privileges, it won't stop apps from asking access.

    I guess what I mean is why is it the app devs deciding what it can access and not me?
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