In all countries except the USA, Chanel logo is just "Chanel, Paris". In the USA, it's fucking abomination "Chanel® inc. New-York, N.Y. 10019".

People from the USA, please tell me, is American bureaucracy really that bad?

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    Why would they write all those languages if they only sell in the US?
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    Gotta put the registered trademark on it or someone might steal it.
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    EU = Your brand is protected by directive 6854.3 of the Bureaucratic Union, if you filed form 56B correctly. The council will convene in January and decide whether form 56B will be renamed to 56B-1.

    Russia = Your brand is protected by the oligarchs, if you paid the anti-corruption fee to CEO billionaire who owns the town's steel mill

    China = Your brand is protected by the Party, if you are a member of the Party, and voted for the Party at the Party's annual congress

    US = Your brand is protected by Harvard's most expensive lawyers, if you have proactively sued the competition and own at least 9000 troll patents.
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    @bittersweet Soviet Union is what made me interested in functional programming. No state, no class.
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