Me talking to a recruiter (even though I am not looking for a job)

Me: If I walk into an interview, and they ask me to reverse a binary tree for a frontend Reac or Vue position or something along those lines, I will end the call and/or walk away from it.

Him: I get similar feelings from other programmers, I don't quite understand why the notion is as common

Me: Because it is fucking useless, it servers no purpose to a dev to know about that when building frontends with react, I link my github profile, for which they can find advanced backend-frontend related projects, compiler and interpreter projects, plus the title I currently have at my workplace and a bunch of other shit, I am not interviewing for a teaching position at an institute, but an actual place of work, for which if they want to know about DS and A they can review my profile which has a repo of DS and A in about 5 different languages including plain C++. I do not need to be offended by such notions since they server no purpose on the frontend, and neither do other devs. If anything it should be a casual conversation during the interview, not a basis for employment.

Recruiter: .........thank you for explaining this to me, I am sure I can bring it up to the agencies doing the reviews and interviews. Are you still interested?

Me: Are they going to give me a coding assignment for a project or a bs question like what I mentioned?

Him: I don't know

Me: then I am not interested

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    Typical tech interview expectation: write perfect code in a limited time frame while keeping your mind clear and staying calm while being watched and judged. You win if you saw the problem before.
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    I wasn’t attending interview for a long time but after I red this post I want to. Just to resign when they would bring up coding interview. I have 12+ years of experience in 5+ languages writing simultaneously lol.

    I think it would be nice Christmas present for me, tell someone to fuck himself and resign from further processing.
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    @vane not the first time I have done it also, at one point when the condescending prick started with how it was going to be i told them I was not interested anymore. When he asked why I told him that an organization that values such things for the things they were asking in the application forms where definitely disconnected from what the job would actually entail and that I had no time to spare for such things. Dude was livid lmao
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    @AleCx04 i can’t blame him for getting pissed bc after all, you were interviewing for his senior binary tree developer role...right?
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    @AleCx04 you can also say that you prepared random algorithm questions and ask him to solve those while you solve yours cause you don’t want to work with idiots 😅
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    Tech interviews have become overly complicated and annoying these days.
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    They say they want to “see how you think” and not to worry if you can’t finish but I’m sure they’ll reject you if some guy gives a perfect solution that he memorized from leetcode. And the system design interviews aren’t better bc they may seem more “practical” but there’s books and sites about how to crack them. It’s bullshit
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    A recruiter that doesn’t know what the interview process with the company they’re about to put you in front of looks like is no recruiter worth talking to.
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    The interviewers will think themselves geniuses that filtered out the weaklings that could not be up to th challenge of fixing their CSS.
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    Never once had to do any binary tree stuff in an actual job.

    Another thing that pisses me off is testing you know the very latest stuff, like they think you couldn’t learn it or something. And then when you get there they’re 10 years behind anyway.
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    @TrevorTheRat I have never done anything similar to it. But I can understand certain things, for example if it comes along on casual conversation, it should be a good point for a candidate to be aware of these things, expected to write one on the fly? lol no. It really does depend on the position. But I've had some WHAKY ass questions when doing interviews for a full stack. At one point I asked them: "you guys are using Auth0 inside of your app, aren't you more concerned about my knowledge on this?"

    to which they just fidget around.

    My favorite interview was them giving me an assignment to complete in 2 days. It was a full SPA page written in React, it was fun, it was interesting because of the requirements and it worked well. Bt doing DS and A? for a frontend position? it is fucking useless.
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    @AleCx04 I love how you called them out. 👏 👏 👏
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