typescript - I needed to learn it for a project and I like it, I know java and javascript and it is something in between of those two that makes writing enterprise web applications easier, it’s nice that you can debug it directly in chrome, it makes things easier

docker, Dockerfiles - devops tools - amount of shell commands inside them and mangled && to make everything running in one file layer makes those unreadable mess that you need to think twice to understand, there is no debugger for it, you do everything with try and see what happens, there is actually no real dev toolset for devops and that sucks, since you got builder images that makes things more mangled than before, it’s clearly missing some external officially approved scripting language or at least
WITH LAYER and indentation / parentheses syntax and they still trying to make it flat, why are you doing that ?
as a result next to Dockerfile cause you can’t import multiple ones you get bunch bash scripts with mangled syntax and other crap that is glued together to make a monster - and this runs most of current software on this planet

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    My best experience happened recently and sort of adds to your worst:

    I migrated to k8s
    And deleted a shitton of docker/ansible/script files (more than hundred)
    And replaced by just 6 k8s files.
    Plus terraform files decreased in the size several times.

    And also best experience involved gitlab CI/CD of a full cycle.

    My worst experience:
    I hated to develop for anything but Linux. Linux is the best
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    If you're trying to get a single run command for layering reasons in a dockerfile, escape new lines and start the next line with &&.
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