My worst dev experience in 2021 has been a PHP-based CMS developped by lobotomized, single-celled organisms incapable of coherent thoughts.
A CMS even worse than WorstPress.

200k lines of "code", no use of packages, multiple entrypoints, no namespacing, all dependencies loaded by "include" at random places and everything is dependent of every thing else... a complete mess.

One could call it the butterfly effect CMS. Adding a space could completely crash the application.

At this point I've almost developped terminal eye cancer...

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    How did you deal with it?
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    Lol. This is hilariously bad. Any guesses on how many of those 200k lines of code are actually "include"s ?
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    Yeah, how did you solve the problem?
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    If its a long project then a series of small refactorings. Always making things a little bit more maintainable, eventually the app will become better and less error prone, and your life will become easier. If its a short few months project, do what you have too and burn all traces you had anything to do with it. 😀
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