So I recently finished a full stack web development bootcamp and I realized something at the end of it... I suck at and consequently hate Javascript... Any idea on how to change that? Whenever I see a task related to JS my first response is NOPE.

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    don't change the "hate" part, that's an appropriate reaction to JS.

    how to change the "suck" part?
    years of letting yourself be tortured by it. also, don't worry, 99% of JS devs suck at JS, that's one of the big reasons why it, and its whole ecosystem, is so horrible.
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    You need to dive deeper. You won’t like it, but you will know it. Get that fucking “this” and those fucking “prototypes” under your belt. Rest everything is cool.
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    Use it a tonnnn, I hated Javascript until I was forced to use it. Maybe learn typescript, it's similar enough to Javascript you should be able to pick it up quick but imo is much less frustrating, compile time type checking helps prevent a lot of Javascript annoyances
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    1. Switch to typescript
    2. Avoid using "this" as all cost
    3. es6
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