There are devs who are chill. Then there's me. Deadlines give me anxiety. Being responsible for the code I didn't write and being blamed for the bugs I inherited stress me out.

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    I tend to be like that as well. And when you tell them the bug already existed you’re considered an even bigger jerk
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    I’m definitely like that when it comes to doing out of hours support on a system I’ve never worked on or had any input into.
    I swear I wouldn’t sleep all night.
    No amount of money is worth it.

    But for day to day I don’t mind working on other peoples stuff. Quite happy to tell them about why the stuff didn’t work in the first place and I ask how they tested it and why they signed off on it.
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    One of the things that gets better with age as a dev is to see and understand, "It is not your fault your shipping shit code". In many cases its:

    - Customer unrealistically moved up the deadline.
    - Employer over promised a solution and under cut themselves.
    - Both... 🤣
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