i don't really care.
plusses abd minuses, comments and reactions.
none of it affects my shitty life in aby way, sane as nothing else does.

everything is a Skyrim quest. paper flat cutout pretenses of people trying ajd failing to convince me this is a life, this is reality, i should care.

it's all just subpar pretense.

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    trying to find anything that matters is tragicomically futile.

    broken cog in the machine thrown out ro the landfill.

    me, everyone, anyone.
    nobody matters.
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    everyone busy trying to figure out if universe is a simulation or not, nobody realizing it doesn't matter a single fucking bit, it's all gonna stay as vapid and empty as it always was and always will be.

    conmen always millionaires, sincere attempts always failing, effort doesn't matter, where you were born is the only thing that does, machine churning you and you enabling it to churn you by keeping the illusions of your effort making a difference, none of that bullshit matters.

    you're a meat consuming resources, nothing else, and those who rule the world that doesn't matter just want you gone to have moe resources for themselves.

    there's no bettering of humanity, there's no bettering of anything, it's all just an illusion to keep you being cog in the machine in the illusion to make the illusion nice for those unreachable nobility that was always unreachable and always abused everyone below and always will, to keep their illusion a nice one.
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    ... oh...
    ... well...
    ... so that was a mood i had =D
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    Go outside with a cup of tea.

    And then take a nap, brother.

    You'll feel better after, maybe.
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