I was just going to sign up for a new ISP when they asked for my email. But they managed to screw up the email form validation by only allowing domains with the tld comprising of two or three characters! My email address ends with “.blog” so had to use my university email 😠
Please follow the RFC

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    Wow, never seen someone that uses a .blog domain

    If I had to fill this form, my .tech domain would be blocked too
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    If you want to follow the RFC you lose.
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    @stop how so?
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    @monkcs because if you want to implement the RFCs, you need to implementmany possible cases. Multiple @, full unicode support and the vast amount of TLDs.
    If you want to see if its an valid address, send an email. Its easier and you don't have to worry about the format of the address
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    Email != ""
    That's about as close to the RFC you'll ever get.

    Anything else is going to restrict something.
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    @stop yeah I quite agree, if you want an validator do it right – otherwise skip it
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