Which do you think is going to have the better future? Why?

AR (Augmented Reality)

VR (Virtual Reality)

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    Both, but my guess is AR. Just not in the short term.

    AR has more practical everyday uses, and especially uses for engineers — and law enforcement and military, such as facial recognition, lip reading and on the fly translations, and threat assessment overlays. Scary thoughts, those. AR doesn’t block your view, which means people would like and use it more. It’s also incredibly useful for spyware products, since now a central service knows where you are and what you are seeing at all times — and you expect it to process (and store) that information. See: facebook glasses. AR is more difficult to implement, however. (Already exists, such as the Magic Leap)

    VR allows replacing your view with entertainment, a surgery you’re preforming remotely, your work, a school lesson, a drone you’re flying, etc. VR is immersive, and therefore better for more intense use cases. It’s also easier to implement, and is already here.
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    @Root I agree with AR being bigger in the near future. I believe we’ll find good use cases for it, besides the ones you just mentioned, that’ll propel the industry forward to producing more devices for the masses that utilize AR. I am personally excited to see more AR stuff no matter how scary they may be.
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    Well, VR requires you to indulge completely in whatever you're doing. AR allows you to do things simultaneously. So unless we're looking at a "Ready Player One" scenario, I think AR will find more places to be implemented. And glasses aren't the only places it'd fit. Heads up displays in cars being a great example (already exists with the windshield as mirror).
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    I think AR will be the more successful of the two because it has more professional uses than VR as far as I know
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    Vr won't ever catch up... It might be fun but 40% of people can't even use Vr Googles and mouse + keyboard is easyer for everything except Vr games.
    AR... Just wait till we can get ar screens directly in the eyes :p I hope it catches up... I was looking forward for Google glasses...
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    I'm convinced neither will truly become mainstream until the difference between them disappears.
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    @bittersweet I wish I could ++ comments like this one more than once
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    @sheev-dev I care more about great conversations than about internet points, but thanks 😊
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    The REALITY is they are all just hype.
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    @GyroGearloose I was also looking forward to google glasses :/
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