I'm reading "A class-based reflective minimal kernel"

... do you ever get the feeling like you understand something perfectly and don't really understand it, at the same time? what does it mean?

i can even rougly imagine how this would be implemented on assembly level, but it still feels like... i don't know. it seems too straightforward and simple, i guess, so i suspect i'm not understanding it properly, since it can't be that simple...?

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    I am a simple man. I see Pharo, I updoot.
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    yeah, i like the idea and principle and philosophy and ui behind it, but i severely dislike the syntax, and i dislike that it doesn't run natively on normal hardware, so my crazy unrealistic dream is making my own os/platform like it, except with more of a c-like/js-like syntax, and natively running... which is the reason why i'm reading that thing =D
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    @Midnight-shcode while I actually like the syntax, I like your idea.
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    @100110111 probably just a matter of preference. for many people, i would guess. i think those two things are the main reason why it's not the "soon to be the most used os in the world"
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    That's one hectic feeling for sure🤦‍♂️
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    One of my first shitposts on here was against pharo.

    Fuck if I can remember why, but I sure did sound angry in the rant.
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    @Wisecrack tried to find it. Couldn’t spot it and it didn’t come up in search (which I’m not entirely convinced isn’t broken anyway)
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    @Wisecrack i would love to read it, if you ever find it
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