I'm currently working as a new team member on an angular project. It just took me an hour to understand the data flow for one single use case. Data is passed through 4 directives and each time with two-way binding. In contrast to angular2 you cant see whether an attribute is an input/output element, you always have to check the directive code. Funny thing, the controller of the directive is in an extra function and sometimes not even directly behind the directives code. Template, directive and controller sum up to 12 code placements I have to check in order to understand everything. All the directives seem to be neccessary because my boss wants everything DRY.

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    Frankly, that seems quite the contrary
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    Angular is absolutely confusing at first, and that project seems quite horrible to boot. I don't envy you.
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    I guess the difficult part is to decide which things should be in an own directive and which should not. But when the project becomes big enough it's propably hard to understand either way.
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