Tech startups, an analogy:

After 18 years going from help desk teams to NOC teams, telecom engineering and all manner of startups in between I have concluded the following:

Imagine wanting to start an aerospace company because you know how to fold a paper airplane, but not how to actually design and engineer an actual craft that will pass basic air worthiness checks.

That’s 99% of “tech” companies.

Discuss. I’ll make drinks.

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    I realized this three years into my career.

    It's a fucking miracle any of this shit works.

    I don't think anyone really knows how fragile our society is, but I feel like they're fucking around and going to find out though.
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    @sariel three years? Fuck man I need to put down the embalming fluids.
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    @ComputerToucher I worked for a major MSP. I saw everyone's dirty laundry while there.

    Probably worked with a hundred different companies in my tenure.

    It's easy to spot terrible decisions when you've seen them made over and over again 🤣.
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    @sariel Ahh that explains the swiftness. I spent maybe 2 weeks at an MSP before deciding "NOPE" and booking it to Nokia's data center.

    Ah the life of being an Infra/Ops person. Empowered enough to see the sausage being made, dis-empowered enough to do shit about it.
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    Folding paper airplane are some skills. Let’s imagine you’re a billionaire see spaceship in tv and say I want one.
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    Allow me to add to your anxiety, I spoke to an electrician recently who was quite adamant that the entire electrical grid was a disaster waiting to happen.

    Frankly I've come to believe that anyone who has worked in a given field long enough eventually realises just how janky things really are behind the scenes. It's not just tech, it's everything.
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    Realized this 2 years ago. CEOs come with the idea, marketing shows what's isn't built, sales sells things that can't be done

    And guess who's gonna built the shit for no recognition?
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    @mcalis this! My other half is an engineer and he's exactly the same about his (niche) field
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    @mcalis and then we wonder why ships are backed up at ports for weeks on end with spoiling goods in their cargo holds.
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