* Go to sleep at reasonable times
* Watch some of those anime I never quite finished
* Read more books
* Become more proficient with rust
* Replace go with rust at work
* Setup a weeb media center I can remotely
* Finally make a personal webpage/blog without overthinking things, to actually get it done
* Find or make a storage solution for all the memes I sto- I mean collected, where I can add tags to find them more quickly. Would love to have them have the tagging be done automatically with machine learning, but I don't think we're quite there yet.

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    Why replace go with rust? (Not judging, just curious about the advantages)
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    @AmyShackles 30% because the language has bren thought out better (tooling, error handling, and readability in general) and 70% is pure spite from some of the worst code I've seen and the fact that the language let's you get away with it
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