Finally try the languages I wanted to try:
- Haskell
- Erlang
- Rust
- Prolog

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    Yes, absolutely to the first three. I don’t know enough about the fourth to have an opinion.
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    Proglog is easy.

    this is true.

    = yes
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    Why prolog of all things?
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    Haskell is most bitchin'... but APL is nice, as well. Consider looking into APL. ;^)
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    For me:
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    For me:
    • ErLang
    • Rust
    • Crystal
    • the new (ish) version of ECMA/TS

    And for fun:
    • Pascal
    • Rockstar
    • Orca
    • and a few other esolangs
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    @Root definitely try Piet
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    It seems quite a many devs are looking to get more into Rust this year. Which I can endorse.

    When it comes to Elixir, I don’t think it’s worth it. In my opinion, it’s a shit show. I mean, dialyzer taking 15 minutes to do what other language servers do in a few seconds isn't okay, especilly after having to spend 40 minutes building Erlang to get an env setup…

    But for me, given I already have used Rust and Haskell (and I intend to continue using them whenever I get the chance to) I wanna try the following languages this year:
    - Crystal
    - Scala
    - Clojure
    - Pharo
    - V
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    @100110111 Clojure is just awesome. One of the most practical programming languages for backend right now, with a huge ROI.
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    @Root @kiki I’m curious as to why Erlang?
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    @100110111 crazy uptime, crazy parallelism and code update capabilities, unorthodox architecture, all working and proven by Ericsson, the telecommunication company that have no time for affairs with fashionable languages, as their downtime costs thousands of dollars per second.
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