i'm so tired of seeing what's going on, and having no power to influence it.

but still having to be here.

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    I've already learned how to deal with that...
    Worry only with what you can affect and fix.
    I still argue a lot and I'm always complaining but I focus only with my part.
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    This also describes me, and so very well.

    I see what’s happening and the scary places it’s leading, but I’m powerless to change it. No one listens, and no one remembers the things I’ve said will happen when they come to pass. It’s like experiencing a tragedy in slow motion.
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    @Root give the movie Don't Look Up a watch when you have time, i think you'll enjoy it very much
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    @Midnight-shcode I’m very leery, but I’ll give it a look.
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    That is when it is called TORTURE
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    @Midnight-shcode maybe you cannot change shit like a piece of code, when you make it go wherever you want in an instant.
    It doesn't mean you are completely unable to influence things.

    People say that when the reservoir is low, the simple act of taking long showers can dry up the city. When it's raining, just by tossing a plastic cup in the street it might get stuck in the drains and flood the entire neighborhood. Hack, in 2006 some ordinary folks lost their jobs, defaulted on their loans and took down the entire fucking US financial system.

    Maybe I can't take down the moon myself, but it is only in the place it is because of my mass. Newton describes it better, but every grain of sand applies gravitational force on every single star above, regardless of size.

    Do, yeah, you can influence shit. Even by just GTFO or easing it up for someone else.
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