Don’t comment bad code—rewrite it.

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    Don't glue together a broken chair, buy a new one.

    Sure, it's better afterwards, but everything happens in the context of an optimization problem for time, money, resources, and often you can't afford a new expense at the moment it's discovered.
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    Why is this a joke?
    Should be a self improvement rule...
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    easier said than done. whenever i saw people trying to clean up the code, management came up to inquire why tf they were taking so long with task x and y. when we say it's cause we're fixing something else, they say to ignore it, "not a priority, fix later", and later never comes
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    I just want to add one line
    Fix why it is bad.
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    // don't touch, it works and we don't know why
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    @lbfalvy don't fix the first child, give birth to another one.
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