v2.0.22 is now officially LIVE in GMT+2. Congrats and good job everybody!

Let's not fuck this one up, shall we? Let's keep our shit together this time.

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    Sh** they keep releasing new version every year now - year v2 0.21 was rubbish! RELEASE IT WHEN IT'S READY! STOP RUSHING IT JUST TO MEET THE DAMN DEADLINE!
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    @theKarlisK we can release hotfixes 1..12
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    Stop adding new features in patch versions. Please just fix this mess or rollback to v1.99.6
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    @asgs that's a recipe for tech debt... We are in now since v1.0...

    I'd like to know what the PO/PM are thinking, releasing crappy versions to prod.

    Perhaps they should consider a complete rewrite. Or maybe try some different hardware first. I hear MARS hardware looks promising. Maybe we could expect some PoC on MARS machine with the next version? And a 50% migration a few versions later if the pilot works out?
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    I don't get it. What ?
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    @StackSmasher123 43 days late to the party

    sed -e 's/\.//g' -e 's/[a-z]//g' <<<"v2.0.22"
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