I have decided that massive natural selection events are a thing with humans. When resources appear to be getting low a group of people will prepare and wipe out a large portion of consumers. The most straight forward way is to create a crisis and then offer the "only" solution. Make that solution a weapon and you are done. The masses gladly accept the solution. At all times appear benevolent. Silence dissenting voices swiftly. Make the dissenters look like nutters and publicly humiliate them and apply labels to them. Labels are effective because it creates pariahs. People like to not be singled out and called names.

What do you end up with? People who distrust government and the institutions. I don't know how this benefits the orchestrators (how to spell) of the genocide. Perhaps if the numbers are small enough they can just be rounded up and killed by force rather than coercion.

I get the feeling this approach has been used in the past. Like it has been at least tested on smaller scales. Maybe even on past civilizations. Did we learn to do this from space visitors? I wonder.

2021 has certainly been an interesting year. I used to think people were just stupid. This year has confirmed that for me. But I am not sure stupid is the right word. They are certainly book smart. Maybe naive is a better word. I pray and hope 2022 turns out better for people. Maybe they start seeing signs they have been lied to by people they trust. Maybe not. When you are in the matrix it is hard to see through the facade. The matrix feels very real, until it doesn't.

Dev Goal?: To not be murdered by the matrix.

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    German here, we tested this. Bad idea.
    People still think that we're doing it, 70 years later, it was that bad.
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    But it isn't natural selection if it's manmade.

    Is this a covid conspiracy / anti-vax post. Really, is it.
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    If the governments had the balls, they could solve that quickly to everyone's liking: just ban Covid ICU treatment for unvaccinated people (unless they have solid medical reasons such as being pregnant).

    The ICUs wouldn't get overrun so that the staff would be happy, most anti-vaxxers would get light cases and also be happy, and some percent of anti-vaxxers would quietly die at home and only be unhappy for a limited time.

    In return, lift the restricitions.
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    @Fast-Nop Or we could also charge people for treatments.

    In my country both the people and politicians expect workers in the health section to work like slaves with so much overtime that isnt allowed and being underpaid, meanwhille our politicians and some of the people as well have this rudeness that they should work harder.

    So in my opinion its time the people pay the hard working workers back.

    When looking at the health care system in my country doing the covid period, you really starts to wonder if its a good idea to have the government running most of it, rather then privatize it entirely. Especially when at least here in my countries, nurses etc are paid better and have better work conditions.
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    @Frederick Privatised is even worse, just look at the US. Also, in Germany, private hospitals have even worse working conditions.

    I mean, of course that's a necessary debate because the workers are underpaid and burn out, but lifting workload away would be a key here. It's extremely laborous to treat Covid ICU patients, even if they paid - which most could not afford anyway.

    I know that because I have such a case in my family who got hit before vaccinations were available, and the amount of effort was breathtaking (sorry for the pun).
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    @Fast-Nop True, mostly also thinking about how it works here (since workers in general are protected more than other countries due to unions etc), but i feel like it could work elsewhere if propper regulations were implemented.

    Totally agree lifting the workload would solve multiply problems (like less overtime and adding more spaces for critical treatments)

    I agree with your solution, but i feel like there is first of all probably some stupid law that would prevent it (mostly due to in some cases it would lead to people dying, even though its their own fault).

    Also due to we already pay it over taxes, people would likely argue that they are enetitled to the healthcare, even thought they could have prevented it.

    Hope it worked out for your family member, and he/her have it better now.
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    @Frederick Well yes, of course anti-vaxxers would be crybabies once they would start dying, though that would only hit a few percent of them, statistically, while most would do fine. The law could be implemented in form of a triage, and since vaccinations were there for everyone (minus some exceptions) for free, that would not be a legal problem.

    Yeah, that family member luckily recovered, but the call was extremely close. Certainly nothing like any flu I've ever seen.

    That's why I got me a shot against pneumococci last year. Of course, it would not have worked against Covid itself, but at least against the bacterial lung superinfection which turned out to be another complication.
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    Huh, apparently the method of control has a name now: "mass formation psychosis".
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