Ant Design, the popular UI kit system, is created by Ant Group, the company in charge of Chinese social rating system.

The more you know.

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    In my experience, it's usually harder to get Ant, Material or other such closed solutions to do exactly what you want than it is to write it yourself.
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    They're probably a good choice if you are willing to make a lot of compromises on the design / if you don't have a designer and don't want the devs to get "creative".
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    @lbfalvy it’s not about how it works. It’s about many western people being shocked by Chinese social credit score but still are using the product that was created by the very company in charge of it.
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    @kiki Boycots are outside the perception of modern people because lobbyists of all regions convinced us that product choices should be determined purely by what you get rather than what you give and to whom.
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    @lbfalvy brave of you to make statements on behalf of all the modern people on Earth.
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    Ant design is easy to use but not that easy to modify and at least a few yeas back, a lot of the more in-depth documentation was in Chinese.

    We used it about 6 years ago but once we needed more customization we started building our own. In the end it was easier than to try to force their components to look like we wanted.

    But from a purely functional view they where easy to use and if you accept the predefined design, like for internal tools, the where easy.

    But yes, they do have an attachment that are problematic.

    And its been getting more so as times go by.
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    Interesting. I had no idea.
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