Interviewer: "I'll checked your GitHub, your side projects looks very interesting! Tell me about your other hobbies. "

Me:"Other hobbies? "

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    I ask this. I want to know that you're able to switch off from coding once in a while at least. I don't care whether it's gardening, collecting artificial hips or restoring antique dildos, but I like to see at least *something* other than constant coding as a hobby.
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    @AlmondSauce amen to that. Although I’ve met some people that are completely on the other side of the spectrum. As in, coding is their job and definitely not a passion to a point where they would look down on those doing any code outside of work.

    Just like I wouldn’t be reassured hiring a total code fanatic, I wouldn’t want someone that is unwilling to set aside even 15 minutes in a month outside work to read an article related to technology
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    @AlmondSauce If a candidate is expected to have side projectS, it's implied that coding should be their passion and not just their job. A person like that may very well just spend the rest of their free time watching nonsense on the internet or drinking themselves blind with some friends. While very commendable, a healthy person should not be expected to have more than one serious hobby.
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    @lbfalvy You can be like me and have like 3 different hobbies that I'm mediocre at.
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    @AlmondSauce how did you come up with that hobby? 🤣

    Now I wonder if there is actually a club or association somewhere for antique sex toys
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    @lbfalvy "While very commendable, a healthy person should not be expected to have more than one serious hobby."

    I don't know about that. I have multiple serious hobbies, and coding is one of them. But I definitely do give my other hobbies more attention when work tasks are stressful and need to step away from screens for a while.
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    @FireSauceAllDay Good for you then, I don't see how that would refute my statement though.
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