I was terminated last year from BigTech. Will I ever get another job in another BigTech company?

Not a layoff. Terminated for moonlighting. Lack of judgment on my part. Trying to move past this but the events still haunt me till this day.

Not looking for sympathy. Rather, advice on how to approach job search and background checks in the future. I have big ambitions and don’t want to be an IC forever. I’m hoping this doesn’t prevent me from becoming a manager —> Director in the future.

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    You were still hired at BigTech - that's got to count for something.
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    Hey I was fired from the role I moved to for an intellectual property breach at my previous firm..it was very benign but the HR teams were pretty tight and the arseholes sent a snotty letter to the competitor I moved to. I picked myself up learnt my lesson and found a couple of roles to choose from. Don’t worry you’ll be fine ..these kind of things happen more than we realise!
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    This.... sounds kinda illegal. If they specifically cited moonlighting as the reason, I'd lawyer up and get some damages!!!
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