Hey @Root! I know you won't have time to finish Ticket A before holiday vacation, so work on Ticket B instead.

I finished Ticket A in time. except for converting/fixing some horrible spaghetti monstrosity. More or less: "we overwrote this gem's middleware and now it calls back into our codebase under specific circumstances, and then calls the gem again, which calls the middleware again." Wtf? It's an atrocity against rationality.

The second day after vacation:

Hey @Root, drop Ticket B and work on Ticket C instead. Can you knock this out quick, like before friday? ... Uh, sure. It looks easy.

Ticket C was not easy. Ticket C was a frontend CSS job to add a print button, and for unknown reasons, none of the styles apply during printing. The only code involved is adding a button with a single line of javascript: `window.print()`, so why give it to the chick who hasn't been given a frontend ticket in over a year? Why not give it to the frontend guy who does this all day every day? Because "do it anyway," that's why.

And in somewhere between 13 (now 5) minutes and two hours from now, I'm going to have a 1:1 with my boss to discuss the week. Having finished almost all of Ticket A won't matter because it's not a "recent priority" -- despite it being a priority before, and a lot of work. I've made no progress on Ticket B due to interruptions (and a total and complete lack of caring because I'm burned out and quite literally can no longer care), and no progress on ticket C because... it's all horribly broken and therefore not quick. I assigned it to Mr. Frontend, which I'll probably get chewed out for.

So, my 1:1 with bossmang today is going to be awful. And the worst part of all: I'm out of rum! Which means sobriety in the face of adversity! :<

but like, wtf. Just give me a ticket and let me work on it until it's done. Stop changing the damn priorities every other freaking day!

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    I used to think we worked at the same place, now I'm convinced!

    I'll take legacy spaghetti with ruby sauce over inconsistent priorities from incontinent managers every 👏 damn 👏 time 👏

    At least with spaghetti I can yell at the code.
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    @sariel Ha!
    I totally agree.
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    @sariel This. Yes. So much.

    Code mess is a challenge.
    Management mess is a burnout.
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    Can't you just be honest and talk over your boss so you manage to tell the full picture without interruptions or deflections or is it one of those
    "I want you to be honest (agree with me) [...] Who asked your opinion, you're fired!
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    Front end css job to add a print button?? What??? Trying to wrap my head around that! Sounds like more over engineering they are forcing you to do
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    You really need a better place/position/treatment. This is going to destroy you if it continues like that. -_-
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    @nitnip He’s definitely understanding, but he’s also definitely a manager. Recent requests have greater worth to him, past requests not so much.

    I am pretty good at distracting him, though, which is generally how I manage these meetings.

    Also, whenever he’s in a good mood, things usually go really well — like today.
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    @TeachMeCode JavaScript: window.print();

    But yeah, none of the css was applying to print, only screen. The frontend guy fixed that, cleaned up some styles as he hasn’t finished the transition to Bulma in that area, and did a few other touch ups. And it’s done. All that’s left is for me to attach some screenshots and testing notes to the ticket and send it to code review.
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    If you're rendering to an iFrame, or your library is rendering to an iFrame, CSS styles from the parent frame won't apply downwards. Printing in browsers is kinda hellish IMHO.

    Probably not your issue specifically but that's the first thing that came to my mind
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    Beltalowda stick together :)
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    @sariel incontinent managers lol. So her manager can’t control his poop!
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    A top priority of incontinent managers is to get to the toilet as quickly as possible bc their boxers is smeared from the asparagus and fried pork they just ate half an hr ago lol. I would laugh my ass off seeing this in person happening to someone like @Root ‘s manager and would gladly record everyone scrambling the room to escape or quickly open the window to undo the curse emitted from his stinky butthole lol
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    @AlgoRythm The stylesheet was linked as screen media only. Easy fix. But the page in question also wasn’t fully converted to Bulma, and had some other minor issues.
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    Sounds like a "Just another Tuesday".
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    Rant aside, I think the reason your CSS styles don't appear on print might have to do with your browser's print settings and not your code.

    You can enable and disable this on "Advanced Settings" on the print menu.

    You can also use a print media query to add some ad hoc CSS for the printed page

    Also, what kind of a boomer ass project involves a print button? I thought everyone and their mom knew about Ctrl/Cmd (+ Shift) + P
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