I spent 2 years as android dev, after that another 2 years as game dev (current work).

Now I wanna go back to being android dev but I kinda lost self confidence and feels like I'm starting from square 1. Also I will struggle explaining my 2 years gap of working with game development.

Feels like I'm a junior in the area. Feeling totally useless since the way I am now I couldn't even pass android dev interview or complete a tech task.

Having ADHD doesn't help with his. Having gained +25kg and being a fat fuck doesn't help also.

Fuck me.

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    This is the IT business, you start over every two years :)

    I have been active for 40 years unless your working with cobol you constantly learn new tech and what you knew 5 years ago is more or less obsolete.

    What you do bring with you is experience, and that is always useful no matter the platform.

    So with several years experience and from two different platforms your ahead as far as I see it.

    And feeling a bit of imposter syndrome is just healthy as it counteracts hubris which is much more dangerous :)
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    It's all about marketing yourself. Don't say you've gained +25 kg, say you've lost –25 kg.
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    @electrineer Yeah getting a job is one thing, gaining back actual competence and fixing my gaps in knowledge is another thing.
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    @electrineer thanks to my excelent organization skills I managed to lose -10 kg and gained several stress related quality of life modificators 8-) you may call me somewhat of an expert in this field
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    hey, it's gonna be ok, whatever you decide. starting over can be daunting, just take baby steps.

    I know it can feel silly, but self deprecation has a way of sneaking up on us, and i don't think you'd like if someone called one of your loved ones what you just called yourself. Just remember your strong suits.
    professional help is also good. if you don't have already, therapy, also nutrition and a gym if the weight gain bothers you so much. there's no point beating yourself for it, if you want change you gotta do it yourself
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    2 years means all the experimental libraries are now stable!

    You’ll be fine. You went out and diversified your programming knowledge- it will probably give you a unique perspective and that is always valuable
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