Most of the tech YouTubers are really noob engineers.

Joma was a data scientist. He is an L3 engineer at Google and he hasn't done much during the last 1 year based on his internal stats.

I saw tech leads stats while he was at Google and that dude did nothing during his time. I'm sure he was an IC before he became a lead.

Clement talks about system design bull shit but he's a math major who worked on some angular front end while he was at Google. Basically his experience in tech is mostly involving using mat-button and mat-input. He also quit FB in a month.

Listening to tech lead gives me cancer. That guy was also some front end/ mobile engineer. I don't think any less of mobile engineers but tech leads acts as if he built some large scale systems at Google and FB. His opinion about react native shows how much of a noob he is. He also talked about docker in one of his video which showed he had some fundamental misunderstanding of what docker is. In his courses, he struggles to explain simple algorithms.

I don't know how these people have the courage to claim themselves as some sort of experts in the field when they are extreme noobs. They also sell some shady courses and are robbing innocent college kids.

One thing they all do well is talk. Which I give them 10/10.

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    Wasn't "The Techlead" and Joma involved in a legal battle with Clement (AlgoPro v AlgoExpert)? And they started an exclusive training course only to be called out that they're secretly adding more people in them?
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    My bad. It wasn't Techlead/Joma who was secretly adding people for in their exclusive training program. It was Siraj Raval.
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    They're both frauds and think way too highly of themselves.

    I remember tech lead bragged about obfuscating his own code so they wouldn't fire him because nobody would be able to maintain the mess he left behind.

    Who knows if he even did that.
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    Techleads crypto scam was covered by coffeezilla I while back. He is a fraud obviously
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    Wait Tech Lead is real? I thought that was a satire channel

    I couldn’t imagine having time to run a youtube channel while also doing full time dev
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    What boombodies said. The people worth listening to are the ones that rarely have the time to actually talk.
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    @fzammetti From what I recall from a video I saw a long time ago about him, he supposedly has passive income through a hobby (taking pictures and video that make for good tourism ads). And he's living with his folks. Also youtube.

    So basically he lives rent-free.
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    Well to be fair he was in Intensive Care (presumably)
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    All fucking leetcode hacks. Current interview process needs to die.
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    I give Joma a pass since he only does comedy now. But this AlgoPro thing was a major fuck up.
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    @fzammetti Casey Muratori / MollyRocket

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