It's official, the "front end dev" doesn't know how to code.
And it's not a "Well I don't know JS because I use React." scenario, no. He has almost no idea of coding.
What was he thinking trying to build the front end of a very complex app with just HTML, CSS and stupid copied and pasted snippets?

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    How does that 'front end dev' even hired?
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    If u wish having it done well, do it yourself ;)

    With this thinking I am backend Dev who learned sufficient array of Frontend things to do the necessary part of the project on my own.
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    He’s probably a designer. I don’t have anything against designers, and absolutely respect the good ones.

    But designers who lie and say they’re frontend developers who are skilled in JS? 😡

    Lie and die, asshole.
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    @miladiashe He gave a good impression.
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    @darkwind I have been doing it for the last 3 years. The idea was having a bit of help.
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