Why is instagram so thoroughly broken and a user experience torture.

I know the standard answer of "As long as the core flows that hold up the popularity work, no one cares much", and yeah, true, but that's a reason for why no one fixes the broken stuff.

What I want to know is why is it so thoroughly broken in the first place? Granted, Facebook isn't the best of places but one would expect at least a certaim level of competency from a team coming from the same organisation that gave us React JS(even if Instagram did not originate there, they have been in the Zuck empire for a while now). Why do such thoroughly messed up UI/UX and features get pushed to prod in a company that has the time, resources, and talent to do things professionally(read: better than the mess that instagram is). Not to mention a fuck ton of missing simple features that would make using it much better experience (JUST LET ME AT LEAST COPY COMMENTS GODFRKINDAMNIT IF ENABLING EDITING COMMENTS WILL COST YOU YOUR FIRSTBORN'S SOUL)

Maybe I am somewhat biased since I use Instagram desktop more than the mobile app, but my point should still stand.

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    Actually Facebook apparently is struggling for new talent and having trouble keeping experienced people in.
    Mainly due to ethics according to article i found on hackernews last week.
    They are trying to compensate for this by offering better pay but still have trouble.
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    No one cares about UX/UI anymore apparently.

    Actually, they usually do something worse, when they upgrade: They eliminate *good* features, apparently to 'streamline' the experience.

    Game industry does something similar with sequels. Off the top of my head, go

    look at State of Decay vs. State of Decay 2 and tell me what happened to the UI. They "rounded the sharp corners off it." It's way to clean.

    Likewise with The Last of Us and TLOU2.

    The only time I, as a player, or customer, want to see UX and UI changes, is when its an

    1. active improvement, 2. an addition to a *new* system or mechanic.

    I don't want to pick up something I'm familiar with and have it work differently than I remember it. Feels like switching the gas pedal for the break on a car. It's just wrong.
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