So until now the default env var User directory paths for Windows were all located under %userProfile%. To my surprise:

cd %userProfile%\Desktop

no longer works. Indeed, when you are even just signed in to OneDrive (which is the default, even if you disabled backups!), these retards decided it was a good idea to move all the standard library folders one level up to %userProfile%\OneDrive\ instead.

And the worst is that the locations continue to be swapped when you enable/ disable OneDrive.. WTF Microsoft

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    What the actual fuck? Are you telling men%userProfile% resolves to two different strings depending whether OneDrive is on or off?
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    @Hazarth No, but you can no longer expect %userProfile%\Desktop|Documents|Pictures etc. to be a valid path. You'll need to check for %userProfile%\OneDrive\... first
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    under linux you have at least an command for getting the correct path of the desired directory. when windows is changing the paths, there should be an registry key for this change, since many things are accessing the default directories and they need to know the path.
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    This is only true if enable the options in one driver.

    I always enable so my poweshell profile get sync and can be used .
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    No, all libraries (Documents, Music, Desktop, 3D-Objects ...) were always movable (right click, location ...).

    The "current" locations are stored at
    HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
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    @sbiewald thx wasn't aware. Still, previously you could reasonably expect %userProfile%/Desktop to exist in 99% of the cases (never seen a windows user move his Desktop folder)
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    @marcus5914 I don't want my stuff to be sync'ed. I have work/personal Windows laptops and want to keep those things separate. If I want access to sth ln another PC I'll just upload to/ download from Google Drive web interface

    It's a mistake to assume by default that all Windows users want to sync their data through OneDrive to all their Windows machines
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