So, Our company called us back to office after 8 month.. and reason was our boss is giving.. You guys may be work on bed.. It is bad for your back.. Here we will provide you better working enviornment and please do carry your laptop to office :P

But I think its okay to work from office.. Once I was excited to work from home. But dude you can learn from the person sitting next to you, discuss things around,, can see what others are doing.. Its a progress. At home you are just u and laptop :)

Personally I think its better to work under someone superior obvious he/she should be technical and egoless.. then its more fun.

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    The majority of us that have worked over 5 years of this bullshit don't ever want to go back.

    Want to know why?

    - management sucks
    - commuting sucks
    - wasted worthless meetings suck
    - being peppered with "what is this" from noobs every 15 minutes sucks

    At home I can
    - ignore management
    - go to work naked
    - do my actual job while on worthless calls
    - ignore the noobs

    To be fair, I don't always ignore the noobs, just when they won't stfu.

    I had a manager that fucking INSISTED we stand for stand-up. Fuck that raw shit, never again.

    I worked with a noob that would constantly ask me about building a crypto trading bot. Never could finish their tasks. So I bet them if they could beat my points complete for a month I would fucking write one for them. They quit before the end of the month.
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    Our experiences are at variance. The only thing I ever learned from sitting next to somebody at work was how much I wanted to get the fuck away from them and never see their chortling, 'let me show you pictures of my baby' face again.
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    Chances for good office culture are close to zeros.
    Chances for comfortable work from home are close to hundred percents.

    I prefer to work 80-99% time from home and sometimes visiting office to satisfy urges for live talks for all parties.
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