I m 36 yrs old, a homemaker, can i make up my career in computer science? If yes please guide me

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    Yes, absolutely. I have seen many ex-prisoners, wood workers decided to change career to programming and they become successful.

    There are many divisions in IT, you can choose what interests you and pursue them on online courses, YouTube, dev forums etc.

    Good luck.
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    I agree. But your motivation for doing so matters. A lot of people I've met simply do it since they hear the pay is good. But it's probably one of the more mentally taxing jobs you will do so make sure money is not the only motivating factor.
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    @crow22498 100% agree!

    If you have that motivation, you can start here: https://www.freecodecamp.org/
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    You definitely can, many resources, but as said it's about your motivation, it does take time and effort but if you enjoy learning about it more and more I think you can definitely do it
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    I started as a professional Dev at 36 my partner started 3 years before me. I regret putting it off til now. Get amongst it!
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    Too late, stay in your job. People are selling dream on the internet.
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    It is not too late, you can still make a career out of it, but it will take you a large amount of motivation and time. In conjunction with freecodecamp, go on and try : https://www.theodinproject.com/

    Also, there are some good courses in udemy, if you have the money to spend, sometimes they go for as low as $10 dllrs and some of those courses are really legit. Mind you, it is hard to get to certain companies if you do not have an academic engineering background, for that just remember that there is a lot of php jobs out there, in particular for wordpress and such, we all hate wordpress, but there are opportunities available.
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    The nice thing about our industry is that it's one of the most well documented out there, and has a very strong community. There is literally no gate to get into it, other than your own motivation.
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