This is not joke but fact

More than a year ago I write code without tests, I must confess its frustrating trying to debug without proper testing. testing is painful I must admit but you can't compare the confident you have on your code with the pains when writing tests.

About a year ago I wrote a whole software without tests and this words from a friend hunted me everyday till date he said, what cannot be tested cannot be trusted. Wise words.

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    I hope you have covered all your test cases, because if not it can't be trusted.

    Also, don't make changes to the codebase because you will need to make sure your tests line up with the changes.

    Or... You can just not trust.
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    If only we treated many of our scientific theories that way. There are too many untestable theories.
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    @sariel yeah thanks man that's a solid advice, I usually write out list of my tests before writing them and I try to cover all cases as possible as I can but I don't know if that method is best or efficient
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    @Demolishun true talk
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    @solex TDD is "a way" to do development.

    Don't back yourself into a corner by listening to the lie that says you HAVE to follow TDD.

    That's like the Scrumbags who say "You have to follow THESE rules to be following true Scrum."

    Your team and product evolves over time, so your process and definition of done must as well. There's never a cookie cutter answer, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling snake oil.
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    @sariel Scrumbags... Thank you for this word. This is a powerful word indeed.
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    @Demolishun do you have an example? Almost all major scientific theories have been proven through multiple repeat experiments.
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