So I just found out that my colleague who I often have to work with does not use a debugger to troubleshoot any bugs at all. Actually, he does not even run or test his code locally either with prints or something similar. He just commits java code directly on bitbucket, no source control, without making sure it compiles and then he runs a CI provided by devops that takes 4 freaking hours to run because he bloated that shit up somehow.

I suggested politely to help him find a more efficient approach and to use my hardware setups for speeding up his work because I assume it must be pretty painful to work with, but he just refused.

That and those "seniors" with 10 years Linux development XP in the embedded field who don't know basic commands like ls, cat and touch and code in notepad.

Fucking me, who the hell am I working with and can someone please end me?

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    I noticed this fucknugget also "commits" directly on master, if you can even call it that, and I share a project on this repo with him. FML
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    @PepeTheFrog Welcome to team programming where amount of years worked equals to "seniority level". :)
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    @PepeTheFrog WHAT??? Are you for real??!!! He doesn’t do any testing at all?? He submits code that won’t even compile???? And he’s getting paid?? He’s getting paid while submitting code that doesn’t even compile.
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    @arekxv I know right?? Years of experience can be simply years code monkeying around without being fired by someone who knows what good code looks like.
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    Why... running code is the fun part of coding, isn't it?

    Debugging is like eating plain cookie to reach chocolate chip to me, chocolate chip is better part but I don't neglect chocolate chip cookie as a whole
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    @TeachMeCode well since we are doing SDET people assume we don't have to test our test code. Seems logic right? /s

    He's still responsible to make it work in the end, but yeah our manager or anybody does not check the processes or code quality for that matter.

    So he's getting to make it work, but doing it slowly as fuck and nobody knows if the tests are actually good. I brought the issue but not everyone cares lol.
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