Learning Go..

It's such a love/hate relationship!


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    Go is good fun in a lot of ways
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    Why do you have a love/hate relationship?

    Have fun coding in Go (it is an awesome language)
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    @Jase the only languages made by Microsoft that are currently in use are C# and F#. Not much choice there

    I'd always say: learn C++ :P
    Or Vala, that's pretty awesome as well
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    @Jase what about C#? ^^ ever heard if Mono or .NET Core?
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    It'll be just "love" soon enough. Pull through! It is the most rewarding programming language I've learned in years. Is it perfect? No. But it stands to be one of the most frustration free and robust languages in its class.
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    I'm struggling a little bit because I'm so used to oop and here i need to rediscover a new way of doing things.. and it's so strict 🙄

    I'm going to get there 🤓
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    @vortex I would definitely recommend tuning your text editor.

    Recommendation: Install goreturns.
    Why: automatically reformats your code, removing unused imports and resolving imports you need. You can write 'io.Copy' and it will add "io" to your imports. Hard to live without!
    `go get github.com/sqs/goreturns`
    Most editors pick it up automatically.

    Recommendation: Install gometalinter.
    Why: It will improve your warning messages, helping you avoid writing buggy code or make mistakes.
    `go get github.com/alecthomas/gometalinter`
    Sublime: install SublimeLinter and SublimeLinter gometalinter. Make sure you have your $GOPATH/bin in your $PATH first.
    VS Code: should work automatically after reloading.
    Atom: should work automatically after reloading.
    Vim: I think this is supported by default.

    Recommendation: consider VS Code :)
    Why: it works great with the Go plugin with no configuration.
    How: https://code.visualstudio.com/

    Hope any of these help.
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