My manager sent me a Desktop screen without informing me and I also didn't ask for the same. Now, he wants me to use it. And i am like, WTF 😡😡. Who the fuck told you in ur dreams to send me this shit.

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    I want to have the problems you're having.
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    People do to you what you let them do.
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    A free screen? Wow, if it's that much of an issue, send it my way 😀
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    640x480 vga
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    @prodigy214 he asked me whether i was using it or not and I replied with no, and he was clearly upset about that
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    @okay why would you not want an extra monitor?
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    @gosubinit it's too cold in INDIA right now. Am not in a stage to get out of my quilt and work at my desk/table. I prefer to work in bed right now.
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    @okay oh i am in india too. I will pay the shipping if you want to send it over.
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