what are personal projects if not the daughters of hackathon solutions that never saw the light of day

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    I tried to make a shared spotify queue project and about a day in I found spotify already had it as an official feature
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    A chrome extension that warned users of fake news by feeding off websites.

    Much better than the Facebook fact checker.
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    @noodlewrecker7 I feel you. And let me guess: after you found out it existed you never used it?
    (That's usually my case. Mr: "Wow wouldn't this feature be amazingly useful! I'm gonna build it" Friend: "Already exists" Me: "Oh" never uses it again)
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    @jiraTicket Yeah pretty much
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    @DucksCanCode definitely a tool we should all be installing in our parents' browsers lmao
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    @pp-rants EVERYONE'S browser needs it IMO. Idiocy has no age preference
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