What is it with devs (not all, by any means!) who don't understand networks or basic computer operation? I'm not talking about anything complex, but things like the dev who asked if his IP address could be whitelisted so he could remote in from home. We asked what his public IP address is and he said

Or the new dev who started and said her laptop camera didn't work and logged a ticket, only to be asked if she had the camera cover open or closed and said, "oh, that's what that lever is for."

Don't get me wrong - many devs and sysadmins and IT people of all fields are excellent. And there are some who are crap in every field. This is no rant about devs in general, just *these* crap devs that I can only throw my hands in the air and think, well, they scored ok in the SQL test.

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    I’ve been surprised by how many devs I’ve met over the years who aren’t that interested in computers and/or programming.
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    `he said` - to be fair, it is possible that he's stuck with carrier grade NAT, and that's what his router is reporting.

    that being said: i know of developer trainees that _never owned a PC_
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    @TrevorTheRat yep. these are the ones you need to avoid - doing it just for the pay, theyll never be more than mediocre
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    @fullstackchris sometimes feel outnumbered by them
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