Guys I think I might have adhd and I might be bipolar. Except I have brown parents that aren’t very understanding

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    You should seek treatment for both (particularly for the personality disorder, it has the potential to be much worse than adhd usually so prioritize dealing with it asap), this will benefit you long term.
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    @homomorphicanus I'm curious on what your advice is on having brown parents.

    Also, whatever meds you do go on, stay on them and communicate to your doctor how they make you feel.

    I lived with a bipolar schizophrenic parent until I was in my 20s. The other parent was an undiagnosed sociopath that still tries to manipulate me.

    Jokes on both of them, they both taught me valuable skills in how to handle every corporate asshole I have ever had to deal with, it's like a fucking superpower at this point.

    Point is, meds were prescribed but never taken because,"it doesn't make me feel like myself."

    It will not feel like you, because your brain chemistry has been irregular for your entire life and that's just how your brain sees "normal". Properly prescribed meds will change your personality and outlook on life.

    This is still "you" though, because nobody can change "you" but "you".

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    have you tried changing them for a pair of blue ones?

    jokes aside, getting it diagnosed and help with how to deal with it could help a lot
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