I HATE this kind of popups

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    How would you rate these kind of pop-ups? Would you recommend this pop-up to a friend or colleague?
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    At least they changed it to fellow developer now.
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    This is why they do this. To be fair it is a single question form and they don't spam with it.
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    @hjk101 What was it before then?
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    @ScriptCoded the aforementioned friends and co-workers
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    I think all developers would be unemployed if we'd start boycotting NPS popups

    1. At least half of the SaaS products used by startups regularly show NPS popups. I've seen them on Docker, Asana, Trello, Atlassian products, Google Cloud, some AWS pages, Slack, Zoom, etc.

    2. About half of the tasks I see on our own sprints are related to surveys, customer satisfaction, NPS, etc. Sometimes it feels like half of our database schema is just survey shit.
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    @bittersweet NPS pop-up

    How ironic. Lol
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    @hjk101 this went viral after that MS Windows recommendation thing. It's funny though.
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    The solution is obviously implants which measure neurotransmitters to determine satisfaction.

    And if the satisfaction level is not high enough, inject some stuff to make you like the product anyway.

    A manager once asked me:

    "Any ideas how we could decrease our churn percentage?"

    To which I responded:

    "Well, we could listen to users and optimize the product, or include heroin in our onboarding funnel"
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    @ScriptCoded a mandatory 600 word essay due next tuesday.
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    I just say "null" if they require something.

    Zoom is now doing this shit too.
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    I once responded "NPS is stupid" to a WeWork NPS email. They sent a follow-up email to discuss 🤦‍♂️
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