Yeah perfect date 🤓#date #format

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    RFC 3339/ISO 8601 is the only date format for me. Lexicographically sortable, up to nanosecond resolution, optional timezone data, and easy to parse :)
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    Grown up with DD/MM/YYYY, but programming-wise for logs and backups I normally go for YYYY-MM-DD.
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    I dont really care if it s YYYY/MM/DD OR Or DD/MM/YYYY as long as it isn't MM/DD/YYYY cause that's confusing....
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    @matsaki95 lol that would be fucked up haha
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    YYYY-MM-DD seems better
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    I like YYYY-MM-DD, because it's the only one that's sortable. ☺
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    YMDY-MY-DY 😉
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    @ulaikamor someone forgot about unix time
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