Does anyone know of some project that makes emoji render as emoticons (:D) or text (:troll:)? I would find something like that useful because emoticons look better than emoji and many emoji are so obscure that I find myself pixel peeping when I try to comprehend what they are trying to represent. Sometimes there's no other way to find out what an emoji is supposed to represent than copy-pasting it to a search engine. Very convenient.

I'm interested if anyone knows how to achieve this on any platform.

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    A magnifying glass app might be helpful as well. Does zooming in make it bigger? I have the same issue as you. Sometimes I just cannot tell what it is.
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    In theory, Unicode lookup table.

    Unicode has a detailed explanation of all characters, so character lookup of Unicode sign plus outputting description.
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    @IntrusionCM yeah but it would be best to do it system-wide. I don't really even know where I would start looking.
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    @Demolishun android has a magnifying glass feature built in, you can find it in the accessibility settings
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    @electrineer ugh.

    I'm not sure if a glyph has size constraint, but a font needs to map a unicode character to a glyph and thus it could be possible to create a font that displays instead of an graphical emoji an glyph containing the description.

    I guess that's the only sane (haha who am I kidding) way of creating a system wide working thingy.... As everything else should be entirely dependent on the corresponding software stack (e.g. Webbrowser showing text vs showing editable form etc.)
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    pip install emoji
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    Not sure if it would work but maybe a custom font that renders text instead of emojis?
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