As a keyboard enthusiast I can’t help but cringe when my coworker slaps and slams down on his 10 year old gross disgusting Logitech membrane keyboard.

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    Try "Keyboard Flakes Cereal"!

    Just turn over keyboard and shake your breakfast out.
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    I feel like such a snob for bringing my own mech kb but it’s just sooo much better
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    Until a few years ago I still used my keyboard from the 90s. I loved it.. could type like 50 keys /min faster on it..
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    okay, related to that, here's an unpopular opinion:

    i absolutely HATE! typing on mechanical keyboards.

    and i hate listening to them. even the most silent switches are orders of magnitude more disruptive than even the loudest of membrane keyboards.
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    @tosensei sounds bother me to no end.
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    Is this membrane hatred? :P

    I prefer typing on my Topre than on mechanical switches nowadays....
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    why don't you gift him a new keyboard 😂
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