Most upsetting interview rejection?

Back when I graduated college, I did the usual rounds of interviews with insurance companies, banks, various other institutional businesses set up by the college's career center.

One local insurance company interview I thought went great. Usual 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' type questions, told her about my job history, very high level type stuff.

Couple of weeks later I get a letter in the mail and after the usual 'It was great to meet you blah blah blah', it ended with
'State Farm will never consider you for a position with our company.'

Never?! My then fiance (now wife) yelled "WHAT DID YOU DO?!!!" and I racked my brain for anything I might have said or done. The HR lady was attractive, but I didn't stare at any body parts and I didn't make any weird sexual advances (I was nervous enough without *that* going thru my mind).
The college career center floods the local companies with graduates and I was #5 in the waiting room that day. My only guess was they got me confused with someone else.

My fiance wanted me to call them immediately to straighten out any misunderstanding, but I knew what was done, was done. It's not like they would realize "Oh, that's right, it was Bob that kept looking at Karen's breasts, not you...come work for us!" Besides, why would I want to work someplace that didn't know/care who I was?

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    Call me sexist or whatever but both genders should dress decently in a business setting.
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    Was the HR lady's last name Weinstein? Take a poke if you want the job...or give a poke in this instance.

    That sounds really frustrating and confusing.
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    The most upsetting part here for me is your fiance yelling at you for getting rejected
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    Why would a service / org write “State Farm will never consider you for a position with our company” ? Not a very professional tone. You have the option to take it up with the org. Do they even bother to back it up ?
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    @asgs She assumed I said or did something inappropriate. Not in a sexual way, but asked a taboo question or something that would offend an interviewer. I was already so nervous, my brain wouldn't allow me to think beyond "sit up straight...eye contact...answer yes/no ma'am...oh no...do I have a booger hanging out? Feels like a booger...don't pick it....DON'T PICK IT!!."
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    @djeddiej > "You have the option to take it up with the org. Do they even bother to back it up ?"

    Probably? But the more I thought about the interview, the more mad I got, then kinda happy. Other friends that knew their tech stack (AS 400, green screen terminals, etc) said they rely on churn instead of developing personal growth for their employees (very corporate). What you do day 1, you'll likely be doing the same thing 20 years later.
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