The most disappointing (not so sure about upsetting) rejection was from none other than Google.

I was ecstatic when Google respond to my application by inviting me to an interview. If I recall rightly I had two pre-interview screenings, two technical interviews, and about four interviews with people. The people were great and the HR person I was dealing with was open that the feedback was all good.

And then the rejection came! I called the HR guy and asked what happened. He said there’s a central group somewhere who approve all hiring and they decided I hadn’t worked for a “big enough” company in the past.

Yet - my potential colleagues and manager thought I could do the job, I passed the Google-scale technical tests … and then some faceless person somewhere says “meh” and that’s that.

It’s not like they didn’t have my resume that whole time, or the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted !

So that sucked.

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    That's interviews for you. Someone stepped on dog shit that day, and you'll just have to deal with it.
    I'm surprised people willingly put themselves through 4+ fucking interviews.
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    Or someone saw your social media. Something you said when you were 5 lost you the position.
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    So it’s all about going to a big college or a big company to certain people...
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    @TeachMeCode Yes. They need to ensure:

    1. You had a proper communist education.

    2. You have worked for a large unfeeling dictatorship that treats you as property rather than a person.
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    That's the sad reality OP.

    Most of these companies function way too objectively, especially Google.

    I have never seen Google listen to their users or conduct any surveys.

    They treat you like machines and have no behavioural aspect to interviews.

    After my interaction with Facebook, I fucking hate FAANGs even more because they are full of lifeless and soul less people.
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    What a stupid reason, but at least you didn't end up working at Google. So it's a win on your end after all.
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    "I'm sory, you're not racist enough or your skin color is not dark enough for us to hire you, but we can't say that so we'll come up with some other excuse."
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    "Most of these companies function way too objectively, especially Google."

    i'm not sure if "objective" is the word I would use to describe google's decision process.

    i'd say more accurate would be to call it "too rigid and utterly misguided based on weird arbitrary ideological choices"
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    @Floydimus yep perhaps it's for the best.

    Please don't see this as a rejection, it sounds like you have all the qualifications. Now put them to use at a real down-to-earth company!
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