What's your thoughts on "nano learning"? For example having devs watch a 5 minute education video once per week rather than watching a 20 minute education video once per month.

I used to think it was a great idea, cause as devs we kinda do nano learning all the time on the fly while we are coding and googling.

However after my organisation has started sending us 5 minute education snippets - I've reconsidered.
Since it takes a few minutes to context switch from your current task to an education about something completely different it feels like an annoying chore.

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    I. Hate. Context. Switching.
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    @Cyanide : Yeah. I'm fine with context switching on my own terms (if I have multiple parallel projects and can jump between them as I please) but if it's something external I'd like to get more out of it than 5 minutes.
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    If five minutes per week is all the education you get I would say its not enough.

    I spend at least around an hour a week on average learning something new.
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    Could be great, but they need a better implementation. If you started your day off with the 5 minute vid, it wouldn't end up as more of a distraction, and could potentially help get the gears turning to start the day off. But just randomly sending it out during the day is terrible.
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    I hate trying to force something upon someone.

    What is the purpose of making someone watching a video for education purposes?

    Learning is something highly individual and I doubt that making someone watch videos is a good approach... I don't see a point in it.
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    @IntrusionCM if its important concepts, especially if its very company or location specific it could be a good way. We have some security courses (very basic stuff) that every one must watch once a year to make sure we know the drill.

    But that is not very related to our actual working tasks.
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