how do i make myself work it's like a fuse blew out and ive just stopped working

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    It's called burnout and the neat thing about it is, you don't.

    It takes time. Unplug as much as you can. Find a small nontechnical hobby you enjoy and do it.

    Keep screen time to a minimum to avoid doom-scrolling.

    Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, skip a day or two of coffee per week.

    If it gets bad enough that you are seeing physical manifestations of symptoms(rash, hair loss, extreme mood swings, extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, studdering/slurring, etc) seek medical attention immediately.
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    Take a break. Recharge yourself. You'll eventually start taking interest again.

    If the current work feels monotonous, then, you may change your project. Working on something new always helps as you work out of curiosity to learn new stuff.
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    if i had a coin for every burnout post in this app... seriously, things are very wrong in the world
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    I'm gonna leave this here
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    Insert a bolt in place of the fuse
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    @sariel @sameoldfears @darksideofyay thanks for all the advice - i guess i really need a break

    i've tried a couple of things but the transition from a project I knew well to a project that is years in and has so much to catch up on is taking a toll on me - definitely need a dedicated break
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    @sameoldfears you are right about the project thing - i am doing a project as sort of a refresher on my solidity and it's much more fun than work
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    @darksideofyay i know what you mean - every person i talk is just so goddamn tired all the time
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    @cjde225 don't sweat it. This job is like running a 5 day race through the Sahara.

    If you don't stop to take breaks, you're going to find yourself lost and thirsty in the desert.

    For me burnout is a mix of emotions, mostly the thirst for new tech to learn while being completely disgusted while thinking about a computer.

    I picked a hobby that accommodates my emotional needs, home improvement/woodworking.

    I get to teach myself new skills, I create something new, and I never need to think about a computer.

    Might help you if you take an introspective look at your emotions and try to satisfy those needs without including your career choice.
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    @sariel Thank you for that - you're making so much sense to me right now
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    The stuff from healthy gamer helped me a lot when I was in the same situation mid last year especially the motivation videos
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